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App Development

If you are thinking of your own mobile app or website, the secret to success is in the system. Rockstar App’s development service is a 5-stage process. Each stage of your app or site design and development is composed of a set of tasks that will lead you from concept to completion.

STAGE 1 Understanding your requirement and finalizing the scope of work (SOW). Upon acceptance of this proposal, the strategy and technical requirements of the project will be discussed, as will be the timeline. We will develop the wireframe (mock-up) for your complete application to show you how the new application will work. (No development work starts at this phase). For larger projects, a full SRS (software requirements statement) will be produced in great details to ensure no functionality is overlooked or underdeveloped.

STAGE 2 On approval of the wireframe, we move to the design stage where we designed the overall look of application and navigation layout. The special attention to detail at this stage results in a far better user experience when your app is launched.

STAGE 3 Development of all the module/ functionalities within the SOW. On approval of the design concept, we move to the coding stage where we program the functionality offered by the application. No new design and functionality changes are made after the wireframe is finalised. Any changes are charged as additional once the wireframe is approved. We will also develop a functionality document for the complete system to ensure that we capture the complete system requirement and working before starting the programming. (Only dummy content is added at this stage)

STAGE 4 – Testing and optimization. (Content will be added in this stage). At this stage we test the functionality and user experience of the mobile app and responsive website and derive useful, clear, and easily reproducible bug reports. We repeat this process until the results are 100% satisfactory.

The test process is comprehensive and involves in-house and external testing personnel and procedures to ensure robust performance and device compatibility. Our teams test with physical devices, as well as through emulators. We can test the compatibility of your app and website with a wide variety of hardware, OS, and browser versions on different carriers.

STAGE 5 This final stage is to complete training, go-live and project hand over.  Unless otherwise specified, all IP for your project is transferred to you upon final payment. If ongoing service and maintenance is required, we are delighted to offer our services to ensure smooth running and minimum downtime.

Front / Back-End

The separation of software systems into front and back ends simplifies development and separates maintenance. A general guideline is that the front (or "client") side is the device that is manipulated by the user. The server-side (or "back end") code is stored on the server and consists of two components, the application business logic and the data processing/management.  The data processing/management  operates on various resources – users, email delivery, persistent data, geo-location data, publish-subscribe messages, files, media streams, etc.  Two make this all work in harmony, there must be a communication protocol which defines the data flow as well as data structures between the client-side and the backend. The interface that combines the protocol with the data structure definitions and allows the client-side to communicate with the server side is called an API – Application Programming Interface.  These protocols must be coded to ensure that your app can fetch the required data from the backend.

Super Design

Brilliant design comes down to thinking critically and completely about what your users are trying to achieve and let that inform the development of user experience and user interface.

It has been our team’s pleasure to undertake the successful development of a vast array of different applications in many fields including communications, health, equipment hire, GPS locators, consulting, gaming, entertainment, social networks and mobile chat applications.

Our breadth of experience combined with your vision and preferences, will ensure that your application not only looks great for your users but is designed to be fast, responsive and intuitive to use..

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Here are ten things that Rockstar web and mobile app customers should consider.

This checklist will help you with some of the issues we will consider with you in the path to a successful web or mobile app development process. Some of this might seem a little complicated but it is not really and we guide you every step of the way.

Selecting the most appropriate technology

Before starting, we need to decide what server technology is best to use to achieve the optimum outcome. HTML is the easiest and requires much less resources to serve out to the browsers. However, if the project requires a method of tracking items that may be checked off, such as a shopping cart, then it’s easier to develop with some form of server technology, such as PHP, ASP, APS.NET or Cold Fusion. Once the server-side script type language is determined based on your needs, this will dictate the server technology. For example, a client requiring very high security should stay away from PHP. Since PHP is open source, which means other developers have open access to the source code.

The Rockstar team are well versed in all of the leading development languages and will select the ideal solution based upon your desired outcome.

Is your online presence going to be a Responsive Web Design (RWD) or Mobile Friendly.

A RWD site will re-configures its layout and the presentation of content based on the screen device that each page is viewed on. A mobile friendly site does not necessarily reconfigure or hide parts of its layout, but looks good on a mobile device. The layout of the page remains the same on desktop, tablet and mobile devices so it may mean a lot more scrolling when viewed on a smart phone.
Developers often think of the phrase “Mobile First” because it it is essential to think about the mobile design before considering design for the rest of the tablet or desktop site. Agreeing whether it is RWD or mobile friendly will greatly impact your site and the development process.

Work to a Development Schedule

We set up a clear, shareable development schedule once we have a clear vision of the end product. we start with a Statement of Works that spells out what the project is, what it requires to be completed, the stages of completion, the payments schedule and the final deliverables. This becomes a 'partnership agreement' because we cannot complete some stages without your input or approvals. You can use this schedule to set the timing for some of your related activities such as building your social networks, getting beta testers involved, building a launch plan etc.

Design your web or mobile presence for your audience

Do the site's or app's objectives meet your audience’s needs? We are still surprised at how often our clients think they know precisely what their customers want but find that once we start serious planning, their assumptions are revised.
Usability design is essential. We make sure that the content is easy to find from the user's perspective. The site layout should be as intuitive as possible. We generally develop a wire-frame of the proposed website or app to ensure that the audience intuitively finds what they’re looking for. We design to optimise user engagement so that the users benefit and so does your website or app because the longer the session engagement, the better your SEO results.

The SEO Plan

Another essential item to consider is how prospective customers will find your website or mobile app. YouTube and Google are the most widely used search engines, although there are others out there. Every search engine has a unique algorithm for ranking information (websites). The higher your site ranking, the more visitors you will get. Although they don't share exactly how they rank websites, we have a very clear idea of how to optimise your pages for the highest page rankings such as having a RWD or mobile site, a keyword based title on each page and ALT text for images, content balanced with related keywords and links.

Content Optimisation.

The content is optimised according to the purpose of the site or app. For example, if a gallery of products or photos is required, it is vital to have the products or images sized appropriately so that they load quickly and yet display well. Fast downloads are important and so it is a good idea to have smaller images (file size) to load on mobile devices that use either mobile data or a weak WIFI connection. The secret is to achieve the perfect balance between small file sizes and clear quality images.

Cross-Browser Display

As we are developing your website, we regularly check what it looks like in various browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. Most work pretty much the same with some CSS differences. We will help determine the appropriate browsers and their versions to target for optimum performance.

Content is King!

Generally, our clients provide us with the written content and images. Written content for web and mobile is read differently than print or other media because when reading from a digital device users prefer to consume the content very quickly and easily without straining to read long paragraphs of copy. It is better to include lists and bullet points, short paragraphs and clear short statements for best impact. Where possible, include rich imagery as this can be the difference between an average or great website. The arrangement of content is important for the overall layout and ease of use for users. It’s essential to have consistent layout and quality standards for all content whether it is text or images.

Trust us, we know what we are doing.

The Rockstar team have been involved in software development long before the internet was invented. Some of us were programming in Fortran, Pascal and Cobol long before the desktop computer was born. We were old hands at digital design before websites were first published and our younger team members have a incredible breadth of skills in all of the latest codes and digital processes. With a tight core of twenty developers as well as project managers, designers and testers, we have everything you need to achieve your web or mobile vision.

Great... I got Scientists... but will it fly?

Having a brilliant website or mobile app is just the beginning of your relationship with The Rockstar Group.
Throughout the development process, we will be working with you to maximise the monetisation of the website or app. How will this create passive income for you? What are the best options available to you to make the payment process easy for your customers. We design and implement the payment funnel and the payment gateways so that the experience is secure, fast and enjoyable.
The next step is getting traffic to view your content and become engaged with your message/offer/services...
Once again, The Rockstar Group delivers the solution with our clearly laid out processes for building a social media presence, utilising the best social networks and social bookmarks.
We even provide you with your own spreadsheet that has simple, step by step instructions and timelines to follow.

Finally, you have the incredible resources of The Rockstar Group behind you. The best business minds in Europe as mentors to guide you as and when required for your digital success.

There is not another software developer in Europe that can offer you such an incredible depth of knowledge and support for all businesses from absolute startups, SMEs right through to global enterprises. So... what are you waiting for? Let Rockstar help you build the web and mobile presence that your business deserves.


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